the #FitFiances strike again

Well what do you know, adult life is in FULL swing! Well, like half swing. Okay I'm sitting on the swing.

I started my full-time job five days after graduation and have been there for almost 90 days!!! I seriously love it so much, and couldn't think of a better place to work. I'm so thankful for that!

Lucas Miles moved out and is living on his own! In several months, I'll do the same thing. 😳

The wedding planning!! Oh, the planning. There have been a TON of updates since I last blogged!

We have all our vendors – venue, DJ, photographer, caterer, officiant, hair and makeup- the works!! I also found my dress, my bridesmaids dresses and we've booked our engagement photos AND the honeymoon! Honestly, all that's left to do is just some icing on the cake (😉). 306ish days out!!

It's also exactly 10 months out from our wedding and we have made the decision to live cleanly. No meat, no dairy, no excessive spending, no slouching around. We are committed to being happier and healthier by June 2018 and being #fitfiances! I'm using this blog to continue to share our journey and hold us accountable. Feel free to join us on the #fitfiance quest for awesomeness!

– L & K❤✨


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