I am so darn into cooking right now and it makes me so incredibly excited to become a wife.

I’m not gonna lie to you – last week was hard. It was the first week on the new eating plan, and I had a pretty hard adjustment. It ended with Lucas telling me to just not do it, which really hit home.

I started on this diet for him. This wasn’t about me slimming down or eating healthier (I’ll admit, the latter I needed), it was about providing moral support for my fiancé and not literally dangling donuts and pizza in front of his face while he tried to commit to something for himself (that scenario has happened a good amount of times). I’ve been a terrible enabler the past three years, and realized after this past weekend that I don’t want to can’t be that kind of fianceé for the good of the relationship.

I came into this Monday with a fresh perspective and renewed zeal for the diet. I made sure I had enough food to prepare and ensured my homework and other duties were at a minimum so I could find the time to cook. Wow, what a change. Can I just share some of the things I’ve eaten the last few days?! Because I’m so super jazzed about it.

I’ve made a lemon-infused burger, cilantro-lime rice, lemon-y egg whites on rye, chocolate protein pancakes and have been able to eat all the pickles my heart desires. Also lots of kiwi. My tummy is happy.

Using fresh ingredients was literally so helpful, and flavoring didn’t hurt either. Last week I tried to douse everything in garlic salt or hot sauce and my tastebuds hated me. This week, with my fresh cilantro, lemons, limes, onion and garlic cloves, life is so much better than good. #produceforthewin

I’ve also made it to the gym every week. While I’m a usual beeline for the elliptical, today I decided to use free weights and train arms (something I’ve only done once with Lucas) and while the workout kicked my butt, it was really encouraging to know that I can lift 6 pounds 240 times (4 exercises, 15 reps each, 4 sets – I hope I did my math right. If not, I’m a PR major so whatever I guess?). This was really exciting because for the longest time (like literally until 2 days ago), I’ve dreaded when Lucas wanted to go to the gym. Selfishly, too. That’s one of his favorite things to do! I’m so excited to FINALLY have the resolve to help motivate each other and work together, not apart.

Today was a great day and really reminded me how to love. It’s so much deeper than just saying “yes, okay” to something. It’s finding your partner’s passion, truly believing it, incorporating it and living it. Instead of pulling Lucas down a mountain, we’re both hiking up. With 400-odd days left, it feels pretty great to be on the same page about one more thing. 🙂

Have a great day, y’all! Thanks for letting me type!

Does your significant other have interests you can’t get into, or vice versa? What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?


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