DIY Tutorial – Bridesmaid Box

Congratulations, you’re engaged!! Now it’s your turn to pop the question to all your best girl friends! I’m not going to tell you who to add to your lineup, but I offer one piece of advice:

Choose the individuals that you couldn’t imagine your day without.

I think this is really important if you’re on a budget. You might want (but don’t need) 12 girls standing beside you. Remember, you’re probably going to do a small “thank you” gift for each one, too, and that gets expensive very quickly. In addition, you might have been in someone’s wedding that you’re not that close to anymore. If you have to make hard cuts, you might need to bump this person down to “guest.” I have six and I think it’s a lot (but honestly couldn’t imagine getting married without them by my side).

It was also a personal thing for me to do up the bridesmaid proposal a little. I could have as easily just sent a card or texted them, but I know they’ll probably have to do a lot in the next year and a half and put their lives on hold for a few days (at least) for our wedding. I wanted them to know how much I value them, their friendship and just how important they were to me! Plus, half of my bridesmaids are from across the country so I wanted them to feel special because they won’t be able to physically be here for some of the stuff I’ll need to do.

Back to the fun stuff – PROPOSING!

Our theme is “Celebrate our Story,” because we have such a unique, fairytale-like romance that I just want to share with the world. We also love superheroes and princesses so this seemed like a great way to fuse our interests/passions with the beginning of the rest of our lives!

For all my girls, I chose 3 distinct personality traits I found most endearing in them and matched them with a Disney princess. I’ll model my look after Rapunzel (because reasons) and I’ll have Anna, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Snow White and Mulan next to me! To propose, I made them a sweet little box filled with the reason I picked their princess, a bow (that I want them to wear for the wedding), a small card and a few pictures of us. I’ll use my maid of honor’s as an example:



Cost Breakdown:

Box: $5

Chalkboard Spray Paint: $8

Bow: ~$7

Ring pop: ~$1

Tissue paper: free

Paint: free

Invite: free

Pictures: free

I went to A.C. Moore and picked up a basic wooden box and some chalkboard spray paint. However, I definitely recommend not doing chalkboard paint. It was so messy,  expensive and literally stains EVERYTHING. I did another chalkboard DIY craft on our driveway over two years ago and the stain is STILL THERE. Up to you, just a fair warning.

I ordered the bows from two Etsy shops! I purchased the Mulan and Tiana bows from this shop and everyone else’s (Belle, Anna, Jasmine and Snow White) from this shop. I highly recommend either! Both shop owners were extremely nice, shipped fast and even sent a personalized note with my package! Not a bad price either!

I had the rest of the supplies at my house – basic paint, paper to print the invites and photos on, a laminator and tissue paper to cradle all the goodies.


Here’s the contents of the box laid out. On each picture I wrote a different trait! And I got a ring so everyone else needed to get one!

The entire process took me a few hours for five boxes. I had already given the first as a Christmas present.

I put two coats of (what I think was) acrylic paint on the boxes and let dry. If you want to close the box, put paper between the lid and the box opening. I didn’t, and as you can see, paint went all over the top part.

I used a skinny brush to outline the top curves and make the black pop a little more. For the initial on the front, I used hot glue and sprinkled glitter over it! I created my own little invite on InDesign (inspired by many a Pinterest post)! If you’d like the download, let me know and I can send it to you! Each princess has her own color palette so I used that to make the invites personal.


It was honestly a really easy process and for around $13 (forcing you not to use the chalkboard paint because reasons), not too shabby! My girls all loved them and it felt really good/exciting to give them something I really put my heart into. Even though I knew they’d probably all say yes, I still got nervous to ask them, so it was super rewarding when they said yes! I’m adding a few more pictures to show more of the box for your reference, and the slight difference I had in the first one I gave (my stepsister Michelle).

How did you ask your bridesmaids? Were you nervous too? Include pictures!!



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