Love is Magic.

For most of my life, I’ve believed in magic, and since I haven’t seen any wizards running about in my 22 years, I’ve settled on this world’s equivalent: love.

Now that I’ve found my Prince Charming, it’s time for me to create our grand ball and celebrate with our friends and family the magic our relationship brings to the world. However as I’ve been planning, I’ve run into obstacles that make this sound more like a dream than reality.

As a young, broke bride, it’s imperative to create and strictly stick to a tight budget. Many people think this means a shotgun, fire-hall wedding that only immediate family comes to, but I’m here to show there are so many other ways to create the day of your dreams on less than some people spend on the wedding dress alone.

I look to use this site not only as a way to document my journey to the aisle but also to find friends, share ideas and solve problems. Comment, collaborate and post to your heart’s content! I love meeting new friends, so feel free to contact me at any time!


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