The Couple Behind the Computer

If you’d like to read about how we met, click here.

Lucas Miles and I started dating November 24, 2013 – two days after his brother’s birthday and just a few before Thanksgiving, where he would meet my family just days after he met me.

How did we start dating, do you ask? You may think, the perfect gentleman he is, that he took me on a romantic walk, sat me down on a bench and, surrounded by the colors of fall, told me how great our dates had been and shyly asked to begin a relationship.

In reality, I didn’t even give him that chance.

When I wrote that first letter, I knew I was starting something special. When I got the first text, I realized how much I wanted to commit to him. When I heard his voice for the first time, I knew I was never letting him go. And when I saw him for the first time, I knew I was home.

We had a whirlwind first date – he came up to visit me at college, we awkwardly talked as we tried to find parking and walked hand-in-hand (still a bit awkwardly) into the nearest, “hippest” place to eat – an upscale burger joint just off campus. I made him tell me absolutely everything he could remember from the last two years of his life because I couldn’t bear the thought of not knowing every detail of his life. As soon as the opportunity arose, I pulled a “crazy girlfriend” move before I was even a girlfriend and changed his relationship status on Facebook. Oops.

But hey, now we’re getting married, so it all worked out!

These days, I’m a little (very minuscule-ly) less crazy, a lot sillier and a ton more in love. I’m in the home stretch of college – I graduate this May! I’m looking forward to starting my life in the working world and have been furiously interviewing to get that opportunity. I lead two groups on campus, which take up most of my time – the time I don’t spend at an internship and eating or at the gym.

I’m a grandma, honestly. Showered and in bed before 10, if I can help it. What can I say, I need my sleep! I like routines – I eat the same food every day and (try to) stick to the same plans. While I’m a creature of habit in a few aspects of my life, I’m trying to be more adventurous, which is what I have Lucas for.

Lucas is a man that never quits. One of my favorite things about him is his internal drive and motivation to push his and society’s limits. When someone tells him “it’s not possible,” he proves them wrong quicker than they said it couldn’t be done. He’s not only a dedicated student and employee, but friend and fiancé. He also hits the gym for at least two hours every day. His 20 inch arms may be my other favorite thing about him.

We’re both devout Christians and when we can’t get to church, we stream it remotely from home. We’ve made a strong commitment this year to push each other to do better in every aspect of life through support, love and prayer (and the occasional argument). While we hold some different interests, our new favorite hobby is planning the wedding together. We’re constantly looking up different things to DIY, ways to infuse our creativity with beauty and how to involve our theme in every aspect of our day.

Most of all though, we’re Lucas & Katti. We have three years worth of lovely, silly and embarrassing stories and I’m hoping for 80 more.

I’d love to hear about you and your partner! How or where did you meet? Did one of you do something embarrassing on the first date? What’s your favorite quality about the other?

Have a magical night!


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